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Geisha (or Geiko) is a Japanese female performance artist, traditionally hired to entertain guests at teahouses and social events. During such events, a geisha will sing, dance, perform music, host tea ceremonies, and serve food and drinks - all while engaging in lively conversation. The meaning of “geisha” comes from two kanji characters, “gei” (芸), meaning arts or entertainment, and “sha” (者), which means person. The word translates as a “person of the arts.” Geisha's can be found in several cities across Japan today, including Tokyo and Kanazawa. But the former capital of Kyoto remains the best and most prestigious place to experience the true essence culture of Geisha. An apprentice Geisha is called a “Maiko,” and takes five years to complete.

"MEMORIES OF JAPAN" GEISHA conversational piece for women is slim fitted and made with 7.5 oz of 100% cotton. 

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